With a bunch of new craft whiskies at one end of the shelf and big spending competitors at the other, Jack Daniel's was suffering.  They needed a way to bring drinkers back to Jack. The only problem was your typical JD fan is a 40+ blue collar bloke who sees straight through advertising bullshit. So to celebrate Jack’s 164th birthday, instead of offering them something they'd get cynical about we offered them the dream opportunity of coming to work for Jack - literally - by helping build a bar in exchange for whiskey.

We called it The Bar That Jack Built and it became the world's first crowd sourced bar built by nothing but a love of Jack.  Everything was crowd-sourced, from the bar itself, to the workforce, collection trucks, event invitations, entertainment on the night and even 3 of the campaign’s 6 content films which were shot, produced and edited for a bottle of Jack each.  Testament, if any was needed, to the strength of the idea and the brand.  

Role: CD/ECD

Awards: Spikes Asia: Silver, New York Festivals: Finalist, Award Awards: Bronze, Reggie Awards: Bronze, Ex Awards: Gold, PMA: Experiential Campaign of the Year, PRweek Asia: Brand Development Campaign of the Year, Finalist, Best Ads: Pick of the Week.